11 Ocak 2021
Tepkime puanı
Haritası ön üretimi,gecikmeyi ortadan kaldırmak için kritik öneme sahiptir. Sunucu dosyalarınıza dokunmadan.
.WorldBorder eklentisini indir.
2. Makul bir sınır mesafesi ayarlayın .
3. Komut: /wb fill
4. Bekleyin ... Bu, harita boyutuna bağlı olarak saatler sürebilir. İdeal olarak, bunu harita yayınlanmadan önce yapmanız, gecikmeye neden olacaktır .
5. Sınırı, hiçbir zaman yeni parçaların oluşmaması için bırakın (gecikmeye neden olur).

Bᴜᴋᴋɪᴛ.ʏᴍʟ Ayarları.
Default: monsters:70, animals:10, water-animals:15, water-ambient:20, ambient:15
Optimized: monsters:50, animals:8, water-animals:7, water-ambient:10, ambient:1
Performance Impact: Medium

➫ While there is more to this than "mobs per player" (explained in PDF), lower values mean less mobs. Avoid going too low or the mob shortages will be noticeable. Subsequent values in the guide will make the reduction less noticeable.

Def: 600
Opt: 400
Impact: Medium

➫ This unloads vacant chunks faster. Ticking fewer chunks means less TPS consumption.

Def: 1
Opt: 4
Impact: Medium

➫ This sets how often (in ticks) the server attempts to spawn a monster. Slighty increasing the time between spawns should not impact spawn rates.

Note: Only go higher if you have significant tick loss to the mobSpawn task.

Def: 6000 (usually)
Opt: 6000
Impact: N/A

➫ This enables Bukkit's world saving and how often it runs (in ticks). It should be 6000 by default, just double check it is not 0 (disabled). This is a gradual/queued task (no lag?).

Note: If you use Multicraft or a plugin to run saves, STOP! They just run the very inefficient /save-all command.

Worldsave Lag: If you have lag spikes from Worldsave, you might consider Paper's lag-free saving.

Sᴘɪɢᴏᴛ.ʏᴍʟ Ayarları.
Default: false
Optimized: true
Performance Impact: Medium

➫ Should the server constantly save user data (false) or delay that task until a stop/restart (true)? This is nice TPS savings on Spigot (less on Paper since it's more efficient).

Note: Take regular backups to avoid data loss in the rare event of a fatal crash.

Def: tile:50, entity:50
Opt: tile:1000, entity:1000
Impact: N/A

➫ 1000 disables this feature. The small TPS savings is not worth the potential damage. Damage? (click here)

Def: 8
Opt: 6
Impact: N/A

➫ This sets the max mob spawn distance (in chunks) from players. After limiting spawns in Bukkit, this will condense mobs to mimic the appearance of normal rates.

Warning: If your view-distance is 6 or less, set a spawn range 1 below that value. For example, if view-distance is 5, set mob-spawn-range to 4.

Def: animals:32, monsters:32, raiders: 48, misc:16
Opt: animals:16, monsters:24, raiders: 48, misc:8
Impact: Medium

➫ Entities past this range will be ticked less often. Avoid setting this too low or you might break mob behavior (mob aggro, raids, etc).

Note: Villagers should be left alone (if possible) to protect mechanics. If you must lower their activation range, consider enabling villagers-active-for-panic. The setting below also helps.

Def: true
Opt: false
Impact: Medium

➫ Enabling this prevents the server from ticking villagers outside the activation range.

Note: Vanilla behavior ticks all villagers in loaded chunks (lag!).

Def: item:2.5, exp:3.0
Opt: item:4.0, exp:6.0
Impact: Medium

➫ Merging items means less ground item ticking. Higher values allow more items to be swept into piles.

Note: Merging will lead to the illusion of items disappearing as they merge together. A minor annoyance.

Def: false
Opt: true
Impact: Medium

➫ When enabled, mobs from spawners will not have AI (will not swim/attack/move). This is big TPS savings on servers with mob farms, but also messes with their behavior. A farm limiter plugin might be a better solution.

Note: Paper has an option to force nerfed mobs to jump/swim. This fixes water push farms and keeps the TPS savings.

Def: 6000 (5 minutes)
Opt: less?
Impact: Situational

➫ The time (in ticks) before a ground item is removed. While the TPS savings can be significant if reduced, it also impacts gameplay on servers where returning to dropped items is critical.

Note: See Paper's alt-item-despawn-rate so you can target trash items (cobblestone) without clearing valuable items (diamonds).

Def: 1200
Opt: 300
Impact: Minor

➫ Similar to item-despawn-rate, but for fired arrows. Some servers may want to keep arrows on the ground longer, but most will have no complaints from faster removal.

Note: Paper has settings to reduce the gameplay impact of arrow removal. Leave this near default if you use Paper's despawn options.

Sᴇʀᴠᴇʀ.Pʀᴏᴘᴇʀᴛɪᴇs Önemli Ayarlar.
Def: 10
Opt: 4-8
Impact: Heavy

➫ This is the most impactful setting in all your files as it caps the chunk render distance. Open world servers (like Survival) should strive to use 6+, but others on shared hosts, low specs, or huge player counts might consider 4-5 if chunk gen causes lag.

Warning: See note in mob-spawn-range (spigot.yml) if you set your view distance lower than 7.

Default: 256
Optimized: Standalone(512) BungeeCord(-1)
Impact: Minor

➫ This option caps the size of a packet before the server attempts to compress it. Setting it higher can save some resources at the cost of bandwidth, setting it to -1 disables it.

Note: If your server is in a network with the proxy on localhost or the same datacenter (<2 ms ping), disabling this (-1) will be beneficial.
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